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S.E.L.F. Waiver-Self Empowered Life Funding Waiver

Enrollment for DODD’s new SELF Waiver began July 1, 2012. The SELF Waiver allows individuals with developmental disabilities who receive support on the waiver to direct where and how they receive those services -- for individuals this is known as ‘self-direction.’ Provider Opportunities under the SELF Waiver include Community Inclusion Services and Support Broker Services.

Community Inclusion providers have the same certification requirements as Level 1 and Individual Options Waiver Providers.  Providers already certified to provide Level 1 and Individual Options HCBS can add Community Inclusion to their list of services at any time by logging on the DODD Provider Certification Wizard and paying the $15 fee, or by adding this area of service at their time of renewal.  New providers can add this to their list of provider services at the time of initial certification on the DODD Provider Certification Wizard.

Support Broker Services are unique to the SELF Waiver.  Support Brokers can be selected by individuals/parents/guardians to assist with coordinating waiver services.  This coordination also involves financial responsibility and managing the budget for waiver services. Support Brokers can be volunteers or be paid providers.  Paid providers must attend Support Broker Certification Training and be certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities to provide Support Broker Services.  Support Brokers cannot be Community Inclusion providers under the SELF Waiver.

It is recommended that providers under the SELF Waiver review the guidelines for the SELF Waiver prior to enrollment in the Support Broker Training.  Click here for more information:

Please click here to register for the NEON SUPPORT BROKER TRAINING :  Training is only listed when offered by the DODD.