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Quality Assessment Registered Nurse

Per OAC 5123:2-6-07 General provisions and compliance in the administration of prescribed medications, performance of health-related activities, and performance of tube feedings, a Quality Assurance Registered Nurse, employed by or contracted with a county board, must complete a review one time every three years for each individual as follows:

  • Individuals receiving services from certified supported living providers.
  • Individuals receiving residential services in a setting of not more than 4 individuals from certified home and community-based services providers.
  • Individuals residing in residential facilities with 5 or fewer beds (excluding ICF/MR).

The QARN may conduct more frequent reviews if it is determined that there are issues to warrant such.

The process for Quality Assessment review is as follows:

  • The RN completing the review will contact the provider to set a mutually agreed upon time to observe the provider administering medication or a health related activity in the consumer’s home. If possible, more than one individual may be assessed on the same.
  • The nurse will send a letter to the provider reiterating the date and time of the visit and observation and documents requested for the review.
  • After the home visit, the RN will complete the Quality Assessment Review Tool and Quality Assessment Overview and submit the review and overview to the provider and the county board.
  • The RN or the CB will provide follow-up with the provider, if necessary, regarding a plan of correction.
  • The county board will maintain an on site file of assessments performed.

The protocol with instructions is on the ODMRDD website at The protocol evaluates the following areas: policy and procedure, assessment for self-administration, documentation and administration, medication errors, health related activities and staff training and certification. This assessment includes:

  • Observation of prescribed medication administration
  • Observation of performance of health related activities
  • Review of policies and procedures, MARs and documentation
  • Review of all prescribed medication errors from the past 12 months
  • Review of staff certification for medication administration


NEON is presently offering Certification 1, 2 and 3 classes through the Summit County Board.
Please contact Beth Loeffler, Provider Relations/Technical Support Supervisor, Summit DD

Click here for the Diabetes Training flyer.

Please contact the NEON Nursing department for more information and training opportunities at (330) 792-6413 ext. 102.

Cost varies per class.

There is a minimum of 6 participants to the class. If you are sending six or more staff to one class there is a reduced cost available, please call the above number for details. A class of less than 6 participants will be cancelled.

Non-refundable payment due prior to class
$50 returned check fee- no cash accepted
Participants needs to attend entire class and pass final test for certification
Participant must be 18 years or older and provide proof of GED or equivalent and abuser registry check