Family Supports Programs

Cuyahoga County

The Family Supports Program (FSP) is a program of the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Cuyahoga DD). The Cuyahoga DD has entered into an agreement with North East Ohio Network (NEON) to assist with the daily operations of the program. Cuyahoga DD establishes guidelines for the program, monitors its implementation, and makes necessary modifications to the program.

The Cuyahoga DD FSP operates on a calendar year, beginning on January 1st.  In order to participate in the FSP, you must first be eligible for services from Cuyahoga DD. If you are new to Cuyahoga DD or not sure about your eligibility status, please contact the intake department at (216) 736-2673 or Staff will check your eligibility status and guide you through each step of the eligibility process, if needed.  If you have a Support Administrator, please contact him/her. You may be eligible for similar services.

For more detailed information regarding the program, including eligibility requirements and the types of assistance available click here.

Cuyahoga FSP Guidelines
Cuyahoga FSP Guidelines (Spanish Version)

How do I know if I am eligible and can participate in Cuyahoga DD Family Supports Program?

Individuals must be eligible for Cuyahoga DD Services.
If you have a Support Administrator, please contact them to see if you may be eligible for Cuyahoga DD Family Supports Program or for similar services.
If you do not have a Support Administrator or are unsure if you are eligible for Cuyahoga DD services, please contact the Cuyahoga DD Eligibility Department to discuss eligibility, services, and eligibility requirements at 216-736-2673.

How do I apply for Cuyahoga DD’s Family Supports Program?

Please visit Cuyahoga DD’s Family Supports page for more information and their online application:

How will I know if my Family Supports Program application was received and processed?

You will receive an email with detailed information once your application is processed, please be sure to check your email spam box because sometimes it does get sent there. Please be patient as it can take 2-3 weeks to process applications.

Who can I contact with questions or concerns?

You can reach out to the Cuyahoga DD Family Supports Coordinators at 216-736-2947 or email

Who is NEON?

Cuyahoga DD’s Family Supports is administered with assistance from North East Ohio Network Council of Governments (NEON), Cuyahoga DD’s partner agency.

Will Family Supports Reimburse for purchase(s) I have made?

Cuyahoga DD Family Supports is not able to reimburse a parent/individual after a purchase has been made. Please submit all funding requests as outlined in our program guidelines. Payments for approved services and resources will be made directly to vendors. Questions on making a funding request contact Cuyahoga DD’s Family Supports coordinators at: 216-736-2947 or

How long will it take to receive a response to use my Family Supports funding on a service or resource?

We work to process all funding requests as quickly as possible. We strive to process all requests within 15 business days of receipt. Time frames can vary depending on the volume of requests and may take longer.

When is a good time to begin planning for camp?

Camps can fill up quickly, we recommend registering for Summer Camp no later than April 1st and promptly submitting the camp authorization form. Looking for summer camp options? Each year the State Support Team Region 3 releases a Summer and Beyond Directory with camp and other summer activity options. We will share this information when it becomes available, and it will be posted in the Camp section under Cuyahoga Family Supports Program.

What if the equipment requested by my therapist arrives damaged or needs to be returned?

Please do not return items to the vendor. We are not able to reallocate funds to an individual’s account for any unauthorized returns to the vendor. If an item is broken or damaged upon receipt or a wrong item, please contact NEON at 1-800-237-6828 ext. 114 within fourteen (14) days of receipt. Returns are subject to the vendor policy and any possible restocking charges. The family/individual is responsible for its upkeep. Contact your therapist if you have concerns/questions regarding item use.

If you are enrolled in the Family Supports Program for the current year, below are the applications for some of the most frequently requested facility memberships.   After you complete a membership application, you will receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your membership request.  Please be sure to enter a valid email.  Once the membership is purchased, you will receive another email with instructions on utilizing your membership.


Akron Children's Museum Membership Request Form 
Akron Zoo Membership Request Form
Cedar Point Passes Request Form
- Closed for the Season
Children's Museum of Cleveland Membership Request Form
Cleveland Museum of Art Membership Request Form
Cleveland Museum of Natural History Membership Request Form
Cleveland Zoological Society Membership Request Form (Cleveland Metroparks Zoo)
Columbus Zoo & Aquarium Membership Request Form
Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad Membership Request Form
Get Air - Middleburg Heights Membership  Request Form
Great Lakes Science Center Membership Request Form
Greater Cleveland Aquarium Annual Membership Request Form
Holden Arboretum and Botanical Garden Membership Request Form
Lake Metroparks Farmpark Membership Request Form
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Membership Request Form
Sky Zone Membership Request Form
Stan Hywet Hall and Garden Membership Request Form
Western Reserve Historical Society Membership Request Form


Recreational Activity Guidelines
Frequently Requested Vendor Listing

If you have  received your Cuyahoga DD Family Supports approval letter for the current year, you may directly contact the facility where you are interested in enrolling your FSP participant(s) and obtain information on the recreational activity cost.  You will be responsible for knowing how much funding you are requesting to use from your Cuyahoga DD FSP allotment.  Please let the facility know that your FSP participant(s) has Family Supports Program funding available when enrolling them in the activity.  Cuyahoga DD FSP will not cover activity costs that exceed what is available in the FSP participants annual allotment.  If the vendor wants confirmation from NEON that funding is available, please click here to let us know.  The facility will complete the enrollment process with you, and bill NEON on behalf of your FSP participant(s). 

If you are interested in using your Cuyahoga DD Family Supports Program (FSP) funding for a membership or recreational activity not listed above, or if you have a question about the Family Supports Program, please click here to send an inquiry.  

Cuyahoga County Camp Authorization Form - NEW user-friendly online form 
Cuyahoga County Camp Instructions/Guidelines
Cuyahoga County 2023 Summer and Beyond Directory

Please click here with any questions.  Be sure to include your name and the Family Supports Program participant's name/date of birth in all inquiries (if applicable).

Cuyahoga County List of Certified Providers 

NEW!   RESPITE PACKET (ONLINE ELECTRONIC FORMS) -  Can be completed on a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop!

Cuyahoga County Online Respite Invoice - Upon completion of respite services, please use this form if you would like to utilize the new online respite invoice, which includes documents needed from new providers.   No more printing, scanning, faxing, or emailing completed forms to us.  No need to call to see if we received your completed invoice, as you will automatically receive a “Thank You” page upon submission of your documents.  You and your provider will also receive notifications via email. 
Cuyahoga Count Family Selected Provider Process - This document lists everything you need to know to get a new  family-selected respite care provider set up for payment electronically

Cuyahoga County Family Selected Provider Process - This document lists everything you need to know to get a new  family-selected respite care provider set up for payment
Cuyahoga County Direct Deposit Enrollment Form  - To be completed by new  family-selected  respite care providers OR for providers who would like to change their banking information
Cuyahoga County Waiver of Training Form - To be completed by the family and their new respite care provider
Cuyahoga County W-9 - To be completed by new respite care providers
Cuyahoga County - Instructions for Completing the Family Supports Program Invoice
Cuyahoga County - Family Supports Program SAMPLE Respite Invoice
Cuyahoga County - Family Supports Respite INVOICE - To be completed by the family and family-selected provider upon completion of services. Both the parent/guardian and the provider must verify the information contained in the invoice and sign the invoice to confirm all information is accurate.

Please click here with any questions.  

Must be completed by a therapist or licensed physician only:

2023 Equipment Request Form (All 2023 Equipment Request Forms must be submitted by Friday 12/8/23)

Release of Liability Waiver for Family Supports Services: Installation and/or Assembly of Sensory Equipment 

If you have a question about ordering Equipment, please click here to send an inquiry.  Be sure to include your name and the Family Supports Program participant's name/date of birth in all inquiries (if applicable).

Cuyahoga DD Family Supports Program
721 Boardman-Poland Rd. – Suite 103
Boardman, Ohio 44512
FAX : 855-336-6968

Please click here with any questions about the Cuyahoga DD Family Supports Program.  Be sure to include your name and the Family Supports Program participant's name/date of birth in all inquiries (if applicable) for expedited responses.  

Lake County

Family Support Services (FSS) is a program intended to help the family/guardian to care for their eligible family member at home and enhance the quality of life for all members of the family including the individual with developmental disabilities. For additional information, click here.

Please contact:
George Callow
721 Boardman-Poland Rd., Suite 103
Boardman, Ohio 44512
Phone: 1-800-237-6828 ext.117
FAX: 330-793-8284

Portage County

Family support services is a program available through the Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities which assists a family who has a member with a developmental disability living at home. The program promotes the unity of the family by assisting it to meet the special needs of the member with a developmental disability. The program also assists the individual to maximize self-sufficiency and prevent inappropriate institutionalization. For additional information, click here.

Please contact:
George Callow
721 Boardman-Poland Rd., Suite 103
Boardman, Ohio 44512
Phone: 1-800-237-6828 ext.117
FAX: 330-793-8284